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Welcome to our little hub of Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes information.  There are a lot of sites with a lot of resources spread all across the internet for GoH strategy and info.  We’re glad you stopped by ours.  We think you’ll like it here.

The Meta Report

Every week on Galactic War Report, we discuss the Meta Report using data pulled from They have a really large amount of information on their site, and we compile it week by week to analyze trends in the meta so you can see which characters are on their way up and which ones are on their way out. Above is this week’s info.

Rebel Mod Cards


If you’ve got a character you want to start using, but don’t really know which mods to equip, take a look at our MOD CARDS. They’re bite-sized recommendations on which sets work best on which characters.

Guide to Guilding

Helping you master the hardest challenge of Galaxy of Heroes: the social one. For Members, Officers, and Leaders alike!

Galactic War Report




Galactic War Report

You do listen to Galactic War Report, right?  Here’s the latest episodes:

Galactic War Report - Episode 94: The Imperial Probe Droid Mission

Ok, so what’s it going to take? Many of us (like Sean) still can’t beat the Imperial Probe Droid mission in Dark Side Territory Battles, so we decided to talk through just what it really takes to clear this mission reliably. There doesn’t seem to be a shortcut- just a...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 93: Sith City: A Darth to Kill For

The Sith have risen again! With the recent reworks that Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine got, we thought we had a pretty good show planned out. But the news of Sith Marauder AND a new KOTOR raid featuring John’s boo, Darth Traya, we had a full plate this week. We...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 92: The Big Bucket of Jedi

With no big news this week, we focus once again on TERRITORY MASTERY, bringing you a guide for Jedi in Territory Wars. They’re not a very talked about faction, but they can still get some work done if you’ve got the right components!

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We love...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 91: Holdo and Rose FTW

Amilyn Holdo and Rose Tico have arrived in Galaxy of Heroes and we’ve got an in-depth look at both kits, what they may mean for the meta, and what other changes are in this latest update. Plus: John achieves his final form after bathing in Revan fanboy tears!

Produced and distributed...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 90: Empire Day!

With the update schedule still gearing back up after the holiday break, we take the brief rest as an opportunity to talk about John’s favorite faction: The Empire. How do you split up the limited Empire roster to make effective squads for Territory Wars and Territory Mastery? We discuss that...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 89: Sloppy Execution

With the release of First Order Executioner, we now have another simple easy-to-use attacker for the First Order, but how does he stack up? And in what squad will he best fit? Is he going to be any good at two stars? Plus: In this week’s TERRITORY MASTERY, we go...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 88: Introducing Territory Mastery (Rogue One)

We came back from the break ready to get into the details of what teams you and your guild can use to maximize your wins in Territory Wars. This week: Rogue One. We know you all have Bistan and Bodhi unlocked and that’s great, really it is. But we’re going...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 87: Two Bens or Not Two Bens...

With a meta that hasn’t moved in months, Rey has arrived to breathe some life back into the Squad Arena. We talk a bit about her impact, how to use her and on what team. Plus, LET’S GET MYTHIC! R2 is back and Commander Luke is coming soon after. If...Read More »

Galactics War Report - Episode 86: Rey-J

We just missed the reveal of Rey’s kit last week, so we’re focusing on her a bit this week. What kinds of teams will she work with? What kind of impact will she have on the meta? Plus: Did we just discover the secret to beating those pesky Nightsister teams...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 85: Rey's Journey and Territorial Disputes with INRAJ

We’ve got EA’s Daniel McLaren (I’m Not Really A Jedi) on this week to talk about not only Rey’s new Hero’s Journey, but also the community response to Territory Wars and Dark Side Territory Battles. We go over some of the decisions that have been made in regards...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 84: Territory Wars are here!

Territory Wars are upon us, whether we would risk them or not. We go through a LOT of team options for both defense and offense that you can work on for Territory Wars, and not just the ones everyone knows about like Resistance, Troopers, CLS, etc. Nah. We’re talking Poggle....Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 83: Territorial Musings

Holy update! Not only do we have three new characters to discuss, we’ve got two new game modes to try and wrap our heads around. We talk about the new Dark Side Territory Wars, Imperial Retaliation, Territory Wars, and the big curve ball that CG threw us for TB squads,...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 82: GoH Timesavers with Nukin

We’re joined this week by Nukin from Republic, EA Gamechanger and contributor to the SWGoH Indepth Podcast. We talk about something that can help anyone improve their quality of life: Timesavers. Mainly, it’s about teams that are able to auto different game modes to win you back some valuable...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 81: Of Masks and Men

With Sean still out battling bacteria and viruses, Inner Space style, John takes the controls for a solo outing. The new Kylo Ren and TIE Pilot are the main thrust, as we take a deeper dive into how these two new toons will fit in with their First Order compatriots.

Produced...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 80: Rogue Actions

With the constantly growing need for zeta ability mats, we decided to talk about the new tools we’re all going to need to get our zeta farms working at full capacity: The Nightsisters and the Ewoks. We break down what characters are worth investing in, and how to mod them...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 79: Conduit talks Nightsisters

It’s an urban myth as old as the game itself: the Nightsister Rework. The thing is, it’s true. All of it. We’ve got Conduit on (he designs the characters!) to talk about the spooky new Nightsister kits we’ve got: Mother Talzin, Nightsister Spirit, and Nightsister Zombie. Plus, we chat a...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 78: Prepping for Dark Side Territory Battles

With no real updates this week, we’ve finally got some breathing room to talk about something that’s going to be important to prepare for in the not-too-distant future: Dark Side PvE teams. Maybe you beat all of the Dark Side hard nodes and that’s great, but you’re going to need...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 77: Chimaera and Phoenix with TopHat and C_Mandellorian

Grand Admiral Thrawn’s Chimaera is coming to Galaxy of Heroes and we’ve got Chris Mandell, aka C_Mandellorian and Nick (TopHat) on to talk about this amazing new capital ship as well as Phoenix, Nightsisters, and the newly-farmable Millennium Falcon!

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Galactic War Report - Episode 76: Making BB-8 with TopHat and Conduit

John’s out this week as Amy fills in to talk with our good friends from Capital Games, TopHat and Conduit, about everyone’s favorite soccer ball droid, BB-8. What makes him tick? How does he fit in with the Resistance or on a droid squad? And what is up...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 75: BB-8 is Enough

We had other plans for this episode but they came to a screeching (rolling?) halt when we learned about the new BB-8 event! We talk about this amazing little droid and what we’re doing to get ready for his Legendary event. We also look at the changes to Shard Shop...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 74: Modding for Territory Battles

This week, we’re talking about the required characters for Territory Battles. We all know we need the Hoth Rebel Bros., but how do you Mod them? What about Phoenix? Rogue One? We cover all that plus introduce a new dominant force in the current meta.

...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 73: All Hans on Deck with INRAJ and Parking Instructor

Two Veteran Smugglers showed up this week in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes and they’ve cause quite a stir. With the 4th Han Solo and 2nd Chewbacca hitting the tables, we thought it’d be a good time to bring developers Daniel (I’m Not Really A Jedi) and Michael (Parking Instructor)...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 72: It's The End Of The Meta As We Know It (And We Feel Fine)

As we recorded this on Territory Battles Eve (the night before Territory Battles start), we can only imagine a beautiful world in which we’ve already been playing Territory Battles and we have all the best tales to tell you about what we did wrong the first couple days. As it...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 71: Territory Battles and Hermit Yoda with Slakey

There are a LOT of things to talk about this week! We cover Hermit Yoda’s kit and talk about how he could be used as well as welcome one of our guild’s Territory Battles coordinators, Matt aka Slakey. We then take a look at one of the most dynamic metas...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 70: How has Commander Luke changed the game?

This week, we’re talking mostly about how Commander Luke Skywalker has changed the game for us. He’s had a pretty significant presence in the Arena as well as in raids and Galactic War. We also talk about the kit for the new Hunker Down Han (it’s gonna catch on!) and...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 69: Taking Back August with TopHat & Conduit

We have a lot to talk about this week, so you get a XXL show! We bring in TopHat and Conduit to talk about a range of topics like Commander Luke Skywalker, the new Rebel reworks, and gear level XII.

...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 68: Commander Skywalker reporting in!

Luke kind of owns this week. With the new Commander Luke Skywalker, the reworked MF Luke, and the Hero’s Journey upon us, we look at both Skywalker kits, what’s needed for the new event, and how these new characters may fit into your current rebel lineup.

...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 67: Heroic Battles

We talk this week about a new game mode, Heroic Battles. The first one is coming soon and it looks to be a fairly innovative new design for events. We cover that, the new ewoks (now that we have them all), and take a moment to ponder the current meta....Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 66: Paopourri

As we find ourselves in-between news weeks, we chat bit about all the ewokery that’s been going on in game lately as well as Grand Admiral Thrawn and the awkward impression he’s been making in Arena. Plus: John takes the troopers into the Arena!

...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 65: Wicket Revealed! w/ TopHat and Not Really a Jedi

In this Double Stuf episode, we’re joined by Capital Games’ TopHat and Not Really a Jedi to talk about our new ewok allies! We talk a bit about the events that unlock them, a couple other recent updates (Gar Saxon, anyone?), and what the deal is with the Millennium Falcon...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 64: With Jesse & Justin from EA/CG

Ewoks, Hero’s Journey, Territory Battles! There’s so much news this week that we had to call in some help to break it all down. Jesse and Justin from EA/CG stop by this week to chat a bit about Ewoks and Commander Luke Skywalker and shed a little light on this...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 63: Ewok to Remember

Call us crazy but we’re pretty stoked about this ewok faction pass! Okay you didn’t actually have to call us crazy…

We chat about the golden days of ewok-ing through Galactic War, what made the team tick, and what they really need out of this faction pass. And we speculate as...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 62: Thrawn, Breaking Galactic War, & Good Characters for Beginners

With no real update to speak of this week, we decided to cover a couple interesting bits we’ve found on Reddit:

Galactic War Report - Episode 61: Grand Admiral Sean's Big Mod Super Sale!!!

The Meta sure isn’t moving this week, so we had to find other stuff to talk about!

We chat a lot about Grand Admiral Thrawn and how we think he’ll be able to impact the meta. We also go over best practices for selling off some of the Mods you’ve been...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 60: RISE UP!

Phoenix is no longer an option, it’s a way of life. We look at the good, the bad, and John’s situation with regards to the new Phoenix Flash Event and what it’s going to take to be ready for Thrawn. Plus, What’s up with this meta? There’s not a lot...Read More »

Galactic War Report: Episode 59 - Walkin' on Hand Grenades

This week, we talk about the impending Fulcrum meta, the new flash event format (Luke and beyond!), and the glory of double drops. We also discuss a new tool from redditor Ultimatox that allows people to upload information about the offerings in their Guild, Galactic War, and Fleet shipments in...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 58: With McMole2

We’re joined this week by YouTuber and EA Gamechanger McMole2. We talk a bit about Ahsoka and the Tarkin rework, then get into the details about the 40th anniversary event. Double drops?! We look at a meta that shifts ever so slightly toward a more solid composition and discuss the...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 57: EXCLUSIVE! Fulcrum Uncovered w/ EA_Jesse, TopHat, and NRAJ

In this super-sized episode of Galactic War Report, we invite EA_Jesse, TopHat, and NotReallyAJedi on to talk about the latest updates to the Expose mechanic and Vader’s double-bug as well as getting into the brand new (and now appropriately terrifying) Grand Moff Tarkin.

Then we talk about an awesome new character...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 56: With Nukin and Knotty Karate

From swgohindepth, Nukin an Knotty Karate join us this week to talk about their show, their favorite toons, and SO MANY BUGS!!! A lot of problems got fixed in this week’s update. Which were good? Which were bad? Find out here!

...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 55: EA_Jesse and TopHat talk meta and design

We’re joined this week by our pal EA_Jesse as well as Live Producer TopHat. We talk about some of the recent characters and events that we have enjoyed as well as dig a little deeper into how this game is made. Plus, there may be a VERY welcome event coming...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 54: R2-D2, Veers, and the Gauntlet or Fang or whatever

R2-D2 is coming on May 4 and honestly, it looks like he could really shake some things up for the Galactic Republic, Rebels, and Resistance. Not to be outdone by some overweight glob of grease, General Veers looks to ramp up the power of the Empire, specifically the Troopers. Gar...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 053: The 5 Teams You Can't Afford To Ignore

After an incredibly busy week at SWCO, we kick back this week and come up with 5 teams that you can’t afford to ignore. Whether they’re for Arena or Raids, sometimes you really just need to get your priorities in order and we can help! Plus, we do some theory...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 52: With EA_Jesse from SWCO

Star Wars Celebration just wrapped which means it’s time to start posting all the amazing new content from the last week. We caught up with EA’s Jesse Anderson at the convention and asked him about some of the new characters and ship in the game as well as what’s coming...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 51: It still jiggles, but it's not going anywhere

Help us Bodhi Rook, you’re our only hope! Seriously, this guy could be a great way to stick it to those Zeta Maul teams that have been kicking everyone’s rump in Arena lately. We talk about possible builds with the Rookster as well as give a play-by-play of our face-offs...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 50: Ezra Bridger!

This week didn’t see a whole lot of news, but we had some pretty cool stuff happen to us. We beat our first HAAT raid!!! We talk about the experience and what we did to make it all come together. We also look at the Ezra Marquee Event and give...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 49: Pao, P-Pao! Pao!

This week, we look at the rest of the new Phoenix characters coming soon as well as all the Rogue One characters that are being made farmable now. It’s like Christmas in March! Plus, we change our minds about Pao after doing a bit of theory crafting. Note: we still...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 48: Raiding Party!

In a follow-up to last week’s Guide to Guilding, we focus mainly on what teams work for what phases of both Pit and Tank Takedown raids. While there are many guides on this subject, most of them were written before the rise of the almighty Zeta. We also chat a...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 47: Guilding for Glory

John’s out this week, so Sean takes the opportunity to talk about guilding. After having written a Guide to Guilding, we’ve been wanting to talk about the best ways you could make sure your guild is being as successful as possible. Resources referenced in the episode:

Pete Butler’s Roster Progress...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 46: Quality of Lifeless

Sean’s out sick this week with what he claims is the Blue Shadow Virus (let’s see a doctor’s note!), so John flies solo. Discussed this episode: CHOPPER! Star Wars Rebels finally arrives in Galaxy of Heroes and what a way to show up! We’ll all get Chopper and an event...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 45: Quality Control

There are a LOT of Quality of Life improvements coming soon to a galaxy far, far away.  We go over what we know so far (the first three days of announcements) including Squad Configurations, Basic-Attack-Only Auto, and new Challenge rewards. See the full videos here:

MobileGamer (Squad Configurations, Combat Speed)

MistPassiert (Basic-only...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 44: The Sith Pass with Jesse Anderson

This was a pretty big week in Galaxy of Heroes, not only did we see the long-anticipated Darth Nihilus event, but we also got two other new Sith characters and a rework of the ENTORE FACTION.  New bundles, a new Ship, and so much more!  We sit down with Jesse...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 43: On The New Character Unlock Model

CG_TopHat (welcome to the community!) revealed this week that there will be a new model for unlocking characters, similar to the Krennic and Death Trooper event.  What does this mean for you?  Turns out, it may depend on your spending habits.  Also, we released our comprehensive Guild Handbook, a resource...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 42: The First Order's Second Chance with Mist Passiert

Have you seen the new First Order lineup?  We knew Kylo Ren was getting reworked, but the overhaul on the whole First Order has us a little verklempt!  Here to help us sort through this latest update is EA Game Changer Mist Passiert.  You may have seen his videos on...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 41: Krennic and Death Trooper

Two new Empire characters threaten to break the hold that Wiggs has held on the Arena for months.  Will their arrival be enough?  Plus, Kylo Ren gets a rework and what is even happening to our meta?

...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 40: Death Troopers Are Coming!!!

With the recent announcement of Deathtrooper and Director Krennic, there’s never been a better time to be an Imperial! We talk about the upcoming Assault Battle Ground War, where we’ll be taking those characters for a spin soon. Plus, Barriss got fixed (again), and Boba reigns supreme in...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 39: Plo Koon and The Week The Meta Stood Still

Still picking up momentum after a holiday break at CG, Galaxy of Heroes didn’t have any new content this week.  There were really no changes in the meta either, so we took the opportunity to talk about a character we’ve wanted to discuss for a while: Jedi Master Plo Koon.

...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 38: Zeta Farming and You

We’ve been saying the end of an era was upon us for some time and we’re finally starting to see the effects of a change in the meta.  Zeta ability materials are NOT easy to come by (thank goodness!), but we’re here to give you the info you need to...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 37: About that Kylo character...

With the return of Droids Fight Back and Military Might, we thought it prudent to talk a bit about these fan-favorite events.  We chat about the new Chaze meta and pose the question: If Anakin, Ahsoka, and Boba Fett can have reworks, who’s next?  Or more accurately,...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 36: The Future of Synergies

With the recent rework of Finn and Poe and the utter dominance of Chirrut and Baze, we thought it would be a good time to take a look at synergies- where they are now, and where they might go.  Plus, the Meta has shifted!  Seriously, it changed!  We...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 35: Preparing for The Emperor's Demise

With the impending return of the Emperor’s Demise event in which players will finally have a second shot at unlocking Emperor Palpatine, we thought it wise to take a look at some of the staple rebels people may be considering for the event.  Plus new MOD CARDS for...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 34: Jyn Erso and The Best Frickin' Pilots in the Galaxy

Jyn Erso is finally coming to Galaxy of Heroes! She’ll be in the next Character Tournament: Hero of the Rebellion and she looks to be an amazing addition to any Rebel squad.  We analyze her abilities and offer a quick look at the new K-2SO as well.  MOD...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 33: Ships 101 and MOD CARDS!

With an entirely new game mode introduced, a lot of us are taking a second look at some characters that had been gathering dust on our rosters for months.  Enter First Order TIE Pilot.  Once a Meta Attacker, this flyboy has been gathering dust on more than a few rosters...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 32: Ships!

Ladies and Gentlemen: Ships

After being teased for months, Ships have officially launched in Galaxy of Heroes and we couldn’t be happier.  With little more than a day of playtime under our belts, we felt it unwise to speculate too deeply on which ships will end up being best, but rather...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 31: Chirrut and Baze for Days

Chirrut Îmwe and Baze Malbus are the latest characters to join Galaxy of Heroes, and we’ve got an analysis to help get you ready for this insanely good duo. Plus, we look at the recent changes to Chromium Data Cards, and two new tags that showed up this...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 30: Ships Happen

It was a light news week, the meta hasn’t changed, and we’re still whittling away at our second AAT raid.  But did that stop us from running our traps?  Nope.  We look at ships a bit, daydreaming on what ships we want to see and what new crew members we...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 29: Beast-an

Sean and John disagree on a lot of things.  One of them is the pronunciation of Bistan.  In this episode, we talk about some interesting Tank Takedown strategies, Fleet Commanders, and some fun events coming this weekend.

...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 28: Taking Down the Takedown

It’s hard.  It’s really, really hard.  John’s out this week, but Sean and (a different) Jon cover the new raid that has everyone talking.  Can it be beaten?  What teams are best against each phase?  Is it nerf-worthy?  All this and more in this week’s Galactic War Report!

...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 27: Utinni Indeed!

With the Tank Takedown Raid launching today, we try to help you pick your squads (and tell you who should be left off them) as best we can before playing it ourselves.  Also, Yoda just got seriously buffed and we are so excited to talk about that little green guy...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 26: Level Cap, Shmevel Cap

The cap increased this week from 80 to 85 and almost everyone panicked at first.  But what does it really mean?  How will this change the meta and where are my beautiful ships?  We cover all the recent changes, plus we’re joined by Dan Paulson of to talk about...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 25: Dawn of the Planet of the Jawas

We’re joined this week by EA’s Jesse Anderson to talk about the big news that just dropped: A LEVEL CAP INCREASE.  Plus, what’s headed our way in terms of new events, raids (Tank Takedown), gear, challenges and more.  And – might we soon see the return of a certain Sith...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 24: WIGGS IN SPACE...

With the arrival of ships coming soon and the new release of PvP tournaments, Galaxy of Heroes has a lot of exciting new content to cover over the next couple weeks.  We start by analyzing the details of tournaments, then daydream about Wedge and Biggs tearing it up in a...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 23: MODern Love

The definitive Galactic War Report guide to Mods is here!  In this episode, we aim to help you step up your Mod game and increase your Arena standings as a direct result.  Trust us, it’s worth the work.  Plus, we look at the still-rising tide that is Wiggs in the...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 22: The Caravan of Courage

The events keep coming, so we’ll keep naming episodes after them in the form of bad film-reference jokes!  This week: we’re going back to the forest moon in the latest Assaut Battle, our man in plastoid dethrones the Emperor, and and Sean’s entire team steps away from the meta.  This...Read More »

Galactic War Report: Episode 21 - That Marvelous Mustachioed Man or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Lando

There were no updates this week, so we’re taking the opportunity to talk about everyone’s favorite scoundrel, Lando Calrissian.  With the current speed meta growing stronger every day, it’s more important than ever to know what makes this scoundrel/rebel toon tick.  Plus, We reflect on the Military Might event and...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 20: Event-a-palooza with EA_Jesse

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.  Sean’s computer has died (again) so this week he literally is phoning it in.  We’re joined this week by EA’s Community Manager Jesse Anderson (EA_Jesse) to talk about the myriad events we’ve been seeing as of late.  The meta has been scrambled again...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 19: The Emperor's New Grind

Vacation’s over and it’s time to go back to work! The Empire’s Demise event brought with it a fascinating new character that has already had a big impact on the meta, Emperor Palpatine! We talk about how to get him and how to get the most out of him when...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 18: Aayla, Antilles, and Armor

We invite Travis Rolfe, aka VHENZA, onboard to talk about his favorite toon, Aayla Secura as well as what life around level 40 is like. We also cover two follow-ups to last week: Wedge’s role in a Rebel Team and in the upcoming meta, and the changes that have been...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 17: I, Rebel

You’ve seen his fishy face staring at you in Arena shipments, but you just haven’t pulled the (hair) trigger on farming Ackbar yet. Maybe you’ve been working on your Leia, but can’t figure out how to best synergize with her. We’re here to help you get your Rebels in top...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 16: Talkin' Tanks with EA_Jesse

We have the pleasure of speaking with EA Community Manager Jesse Anderson (EA_Jesse) this week about the current (and future) state(s) of the game, Mods, AAT Tanks, and what it’s like on the other side of the official forums.  Also: Sean records from the hospital this week as he just...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 15: MOD SQUADS

We’re finally back!  Since our last episode, Mods have been released and the game will never be the same.  We tackle the good, the bad, and the ugly with Mods this week and look at our two new characters: Jawa Scavenger and Chief Nebit!

...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 14: Coruscant Underworld Police Brutality

This week, we’re talking with fellow Radio Free Tatooiner Amy Salas, who just started playing Galaxy of heroes because the two of us wouldn’t shut up about it!  We discuss the raid reward exploit and what it means for you, the new and improved Jedi Knight Anakin, and the beatdown...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 13: I Like That Wookiee

After looking for a free-to-play alternative to Rex for a Turn Meter Reduction team, Sean stumbled across Chewie and he wants to talk about that wookiee pretty badly.  Plus, EA moves to end the guild-hopping fiasco that people have been getting pretty heated about lately and we get...Read More »

Episode 12: Ladies' Night

We’re back!  Since we last talked, there have been a few new developments: Play to Give, Leia in Arena shipments, and Force Champions: Aayla Secura.  We cover all those and more and zero in on the amazing Captain Phasma as our character focus – all on this week’s Galactic War...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 11: Shiny, Shiny Droids

This week’s character study is the deadly IG-88.  We talk about what teams he fits into, how to use his abilities effectively, and what to do if you see him in your crosshairs (hint: don’t panic!).  We also discuss the new Empire assault event and the upcoming Women of Star...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 10: Clubbing Space Orcs with Jim Cartwright

Finally, Galactic War Report has put together a guide for raids!  Whether you’re looking to start farming a raid team, or trying to decide which characters to use in different phases, we’re here to help!  Jim Cartwright joins the gang this week to go over the intricacies of running Teebo...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 9: Gamorrean Guard / Jawa Engineer

With more people starting to unlock and promote the guild shop exclusives Gamorrean Guard and Jawa Engineer, we figured it was time to look at our experiences so far with these toons.  How viable are they and what kinds of teams do the work in?  Plus, Yoda Event coverage, Cad...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 8: The Fives Meta

There’s a new clone in town!  He’s been around since the start, but with more and more players hitting level 76, Fives’ omega abilities are reshaping the meta into a stun-or-die scenario.  What can you do about this counter-attacking monster?  Find out in this week’s Galactic War Report!

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Galactic War Report - Episode 7: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Guilds (But Were Too Afraid To Ask)

With the addition of guilds, Galaxy of Heroes has pretty much been turned on its head (again).  We help make sense of this awesome (at times overwhelming) mechanic and help teach folks how to maximize their potential rewards by participating in guild activities.  Plus we talk about jawas and pigmen!

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Galactic War Report - Episode 6: Ewok Around the Clock!

With our new combat retooling, it feels like we’re playing a whole new game.  But is it any good?  Also, Ewoks are running amok in this app!  See what you can do about it.  And: IS YOUR ARENA SQUAD KILLING YOU IN YOUR SLEEP?

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Galactic War Report - Episode 5: If you can't beat 'em, farm 'em.

The long-awaited combat retooling hits next week and we’ve got all you need to know.  The even-longer-awaited Guild feature is set to drop later this month and we have a few things to say about that as well.  Sean begins the episode with one plan, and ends with a whole...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 4: The Big 8-0

It’s finally here: the cap increase. We can now reach up to level 80, but what does that mean? We discuss how it affects us now and in the long-term, as well as go over some tricks for using Asajj Ventress and Yoda effectively. Then we speculate on possible upcoming...Read More »

Galactic War Report: Episode 3 - Advantage Phasma

With the latest update, Ahsoka has become more of a viable character.  Does she have what it takes to survive in the Arena or is she confined to Galactic War?  Also, with the upcoming change to the way advantage works, will we see (even) more Phasma or will the changes...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 2: Grinding Old Ben?

We just got treated to a huge new update making Old Ben farmable and Old Daka forgettable.  Ashoka gets a much-appreciated boost and Sean’s ewok dream team is one step closer to reality.  All this and a (not very) bitter debate about the effectiveness of taunts.  This is your Galactic War...Read More »

Galactic War Report - Episode 1: The Grind Awakens

The inaugural episode of Radio Free Tatooine’s Galactic War Report finds our hosts discussing prep work for the current Yoda Event, healing tactics in Galactic War, and just introducing themselves and their teams. Thanks for stopping by and happy Yoda hunting!

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