Mod Cards


“How do I Mod ___?”

“What teams can I use ___ with?”

“What moves are the best openers for ___?”

You’ve got that new meta character, so now what?  We can help.  With Mod Cards.

Welcome to our little strategy center for the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes mobile game.  There are plenty of wonderful sites dedicated to all facets of GoH, and we frequent many of them (see sidebar), but this is something a little different than numbers and character reviews.  With Mod Cards, you’ll find simple instructions on how to get the most out of the characters you worked so hard to unlock in one easy-to-digest card.  Bookmark them, download the images, do what you will with them.  We just want to help you to tune up your toons!

Keep in mind, these are SET recommendations.  For the best primary and secondary boosts, see Speed.