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Sean McMillan

Radio Free Tatooine, Galactic War Report

Sean is a life-long Star Wars fan who grew up in the 80’s with Star Wars toys, cartoons, cereals, and pajamas.  He loved the original trilogy as a child and carried his Darth Vader figure carrying case everywhere he went.  Now it sits beside him as he co-hosts Radio Free Tatooine in Echo Basement, his recording studio in Southwest Michigan.  He dabbles in many facets of fandom including action figures, games, comics, and novels.

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379880_10150479066346967_2018372980_nAmy Salas

Radio Free Tatooine

Amy is a she-jedi. Like Aayla but not so blue. Lives in the Empire State, where she raises her own Jedi and a rancor (left).  Amy’s a notorious binge watcher and the only cast member who disapproves of Chopper’s antics.

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John Hallisy

Radio Free Tatooine, Galactic War Report

At the tender age of 4, John first encountered Star Wars at a friend’s house while playing with Castle Greyskull.  It was his first step into a larger world. An avid, lifelong science fiction and fantasy fan, John is an enthusiast of video games, movies, wargaming, and RPGs of all stripes.

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