Radio Free Tatooine gets two amazing new shows!

Are you hooked on the X-Wing Miniatures game? Are you waist-deep in Star Wars comics? We have two awesome new podcasts that are better than some and worse than others!

All of us here at Radio Free Tatooine are thrilled to announce that we have two new shows joining our...Read More »

Guilding for Glory: A Galaxy of Heroes Guild Handbook

Guilding For Glory!!!

Galactic War Report’s guide to managing one of Star War Galaxy of Heroes’ hardest challenges: the social one.

You too can be as happy as this Gran, just follow these rules!

Guilds are easily the most community-oriented...Read More »

MOD CARDS: Join the Resistance!

Since their recent rework and the addition of Finn’s new Zeta leader ability, the Resistance is picking up some steam lately, but they can be a bit tricky to properly Mod.  Find out the sets to shoot for in the latest release of MOD CARDS featuring Finn, Rey, and...Read More »

MOD CARDS: Brothers in Arms


MOD CARDS are back with one of the hottest teams in the game: Clones!  Since they’ve been added to Guild Shipments, fans of the Grand Army of the Republic have been finishing up this high-synergy squad.  See how to properly get them ready for battle with this week’s special edition...Read More »

MOD CARDS: The Battle of Hoth

The weather outside is frightful (at least here in Michigan), but these MOD CARDS are so delightful (considering the picks)!

This week’s theme is the ice planet Hoth, featuring all the combatants from the classic battle from The Empire Strikes Back including a new, reworked Darth Vader!  We felt we sort...Read More »

MOD CARDS: Murderbots!

With Droids Fight Back returning this week, we thought it would be a perfect time to introduce our Droid MOD CARDS!  We’ve got five droids here that should be able to get you through the event, and can definitely give you some long-term usefulness, too.  Good luck bashing those jawas...Read More »

MOD CARDS: Merry Sith-mas!

Hopefully, you’re all set to get your shiny, new 7-star Emperor Palpatine!  But once you get him, what will you do with him?  We’ve put together a super-sized collection of MOD CARDS this week to help you reign in all those Sith you’ve got on your naughty list.  Also, look for...Read More »

MOD CARDS: The Rebellion

Just in time for the return of The Emperor’s Demise event: A four pack of Rebel MOD CARDS!  If you’re trying to set your Rebels up for success, make sure their Mods are doing as much work as they can!  Also, look for tomorrow’s episode of Galactic War Report ...Read More »

MOD CARDS - Week 2: The Best Frickin' Pilots in the Galaxy

MOD CARDS have been a big hit and we’re thrilled with how much you all like them.  This week, We’re bringing you some of our favorite flyboys: Biggs, Han, Lando, Poe, and Wedge.  These are some of our most requested characters, so we hope you enjoy The Best Frickin’ Pilots in...Read More »

How to Star Wars - A Beginner's Guide to a Galaxy Far, Far Away


-literally everybody

Cain postulates on why you’ve never seen Star Wars.


Or maybe you have, but you saw the films years ago and don’t really know what’s happened since.  Fear not.  With Star Wars: The Force Awakens barely a month away (at...Read More »

Video Free Tatooine?

That’s right, Radio Free Tatooine is now on YouTube!  Follow the link below and click “Subscribe” to stay on top of all the latest Star Wars news from your friends at Radio Free Tatooine.  We may have faces for radio, but we wanna show ’em off anyway!


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It's a Wrap!

StarWars7News reports that the Episode VII wrap party took place on Nov. 1st at the Science Museum in London.  The principal cast was present, as were JJ Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy.  Mark Hamill was seen with NO BEARD.  If anything proves filming is done, it’s that!  Follow the link for...Read More »

Revoltech Darth Vader available for preorder

Our friends over at Big Bad Toy Store have launched their preorder of Japanese toy giant Revoltech’s forthcoming Darth Vader figure.  Featuring 23 points of articulation (including an articulated cape!), this is the first in their new line of Star Wars action figures first revealed back in July.  Other...Read More »

The Clone Wars - The Lost Missions arrives on Blu-ray November 11th is reporting that Star Wars: The Clone Wars – The Lost Missions will be hitting shelves November 11th in North America on DVD and Blu-ray.  Along with the 13 episode semi-season, the Blu-ray will include a 16-minute documentary spanning the entire series and four additional story reels from...Read More »