Galactic War Report – Episode 62: Thrawn, Breaking Galactic War, & Good Characters for Beginners

Galactic War Report

With no real update to speak of this week, we decided to cover a couple interesting bits we’ve found on Reddit:

  • First up: French Gamer Abroad posted the results of his recent Grand Admiral Thrawn poll and the results tell some interesting stories.
  • Also: Redditor The_Stimulant did some work to calculate just what it takes to “break” Galactic War. We talk about his findings.
  • And finally: We give our official Summer 2017 Guide to Good Characters for Beginners – toons you can get early on and continue to be useful in the later stages of the game.

Here’s where you go to back Looking For Leia! Do it.

As always, thanks for listening an MTFBWY!

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