Galactic War Report – Episode 72: It’s The End Of The Meta As We Know It (And We Feel Fine)

Galactic War Report

As we recorded this on Territory Battles Eve (the night before Territory Battles start), we can only imagine a beautiful world in which we’ve already been playing Territory Battles and we have all the best tales to tell you about what we did wrong the first couple days. As it stands, that’ll be next week’s show.

We talk about Territory Battles preparedness and check our own rosters to see how ready we are for the latest game mode, then we look at just how dominant Commander Luke Skywalker has been in the Arena. (Hint: HE IS THE NEW META.)

Plus: We’ve got new Patreon rewards! We discuss them at the top of the show, but suffice to say we took everything good in our old rewards and just worked in more good stuff. Call it a QoL update!

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