Radio Free Tatooine – Episode 115: Stolen Toys and Sonnets

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This week, we talk about the tragedy that has hit Rancho Obi-Wan in the form of $200,000 worth of missing Star Wars memorabilia. It truly is a rotten thing to hear about. If you have any tips at all as to the whereabouts of any of this stuff, email and of course check for updates as they develop.

A much happier story see us bobbing our heads along to YouTuber OverEnglishMan‘s new music video featuring none other than Luke Skywalker. Follow the link for the full video!

SWNN uncovered some tasty leaked photos from the upcoming Han Solo film which can be seen here. [PICTURES OF VACANT BUILDINGS AND SETS SPOILERS]

And of course Sean and John compose some very elegant sonnets. (They’re so cultured!) Make yours here with Ian Doescher’s neat new site!

As always, thanks for listening and MTFBWY!!!

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