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Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 147: Game of Thrawns

With the news this week that David Benioff and D.B. Weiss are on board for ANOTHER Star Wars trilogy, we look at what the show runners of Game of Thrones might bring to the table in the Star Wars universe.

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Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 146: Mortis Revisited with Donna Dickens

In the recently-released midseason trailer for Star Wars Rebels, we just got a big reminder of one of the most daring tales ever told in Star Wars: Mortis. If the three-episode arc from The Clone Wars is going to play...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 145: Solo Teaser Bonus Show

We’ve got a full show planned for Wednesday, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t offer some insight on the new Solo teaser. Well, insight may be a stretch, but we recorded ourselves talking anyway.

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Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 144: Ladies and Gentlemen, Ranger Solo

The Chinese name for Solo: A Star Wars Story may be the best thing we’ve ever heard. Also, AMC Movie Theaters put some info out there about the planets we’ll see in the upcoming film. We catch up with Amy and get some of her thoughts on The Last Jedi...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 143: Solo So Soon

With no trace of Solo‘s marketing engine (other than the obligatory Lego leak), we’re getting a little skittish about the upcoming Star Wars Story. We speculate on the upcoming trailer and reflect on four seasons of Star Wars Rebels. Plus, a secret meeting that most likely didn’t end in any...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 142: Little Trouble in Big China

What just happened in China? While The Last Jedi raked in box office receipts around the rest of the world, the Force just wasn’t with The Last Jedi in the China market. What went wrong?

Plus, we look at EA’s stock performance in the post-Lootgate 2017 era, visit 16-bit Crait,...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 141: Shifting Toward Solo

As we continue to take in The Last Jedi, we can’t help but look to the future (Yoda would smack us with his cane!) and start chatting about Solo. We hit a few news stories surrounding the upcoming Star Wars Story and look into the box office performance of The...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 140: The Last Jedi with Saf and Daniel McLaren

It’s as if we didn’t know this would happen. Hours after The Last Jedi premiered in theaters, the internet became the place where fans all laid out their grievances or gushed with the excitement of new Star Wars! We took the time to chat with our friends Saf (who loved...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 139: The Last Jedi Expectations

The only news this week is that The Last Jedi comes later this week. In that spirit, we decided to spend our time talking about what we expect from the various characters we met in The Force Awakens. What are they after? Where will they be going? And what’s really...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 138: Mo Hobbits Mo Problems

It’s a lighter show this week, mostly because we find ourselves in the calm before the storm that is The Last Jedi. We chat a little about Josh Gad’s new victim, Battlefront II’s updated rewards, and Rain Johnson on TLJ and what lies ahead.

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Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 137: Loot Box Heroes

With all the uproar over Battlefront 2, we decided to talk a bit this week about just what the situation is with loot boxes, micro transactions, DLC, and more. We talk about why it exists, how it can work, and how it absolutely shouldn’t work. Plus, John calls Sean and...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 136: Interesting...

Star Wars Rebels is on break, but The Last Jedi promotional machine is firing on all cylinders! Not only did we get a new TV spot, but EW and Anthony Breznican just delivered a new cover story all about TLJ. We cover that and also take a retrospective look at...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 135: A New Trilogy!

With the news of a new trilogy this week, we’re all a bit geeked over here. We talk about Rain Johnsons’s upcoming endeavor, the live action series Disney plans on unleashing on its new streaming service, some upcoming literature, and of course the midseason finale of Star Wars Rebels: Rebel...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 134: Of Rukhs and Rags

This week brought us another double feature of Star Wars Rebels with a lot of heart and some great action AND the debut of everybody’s favorite Noghri, Rukh (voiced by the amazing Warwick Davis)! We chat a bit about that as well as the tight regulations for theaters screening The...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 133: FanthaTracks with Mark Newbold

Longtime friend of the show Mark Newbold is back this week to talk about his brand new site, FanthaTracks. After years contributing to many other Star Wars site (such as, Mark’s bringing a fresh new vision to what a Star Wars fan site is capable of and he stopped...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 132: Sean Talks About Ambiguity

Saw Gerrera returned to Star Wars Rebels this week and and showed us how the Rebellion nearly got itself stuck in a bureaucracy. We talk about this week’s two-part episode, In the Name of the Rebellion, as well as a bit of news about David Fincher and what the box...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 131: Star Wars Rebels Season 4 Premiere

Star Wars Rebels returned this week with a two-part premiere: Heroes of Mandalore! Hear what we thought about the return of the Ghost crew and how Sabine’s destiny is shaped in this season. Plus, Tag & Bink are NOT dead!


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Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 130: The Last Jedi Trailer Analyzed

It will be a day long remembered…

We just got our trailer for The Last Jedi today and we’ve assembled to talk about just what was goin on in there. Was Kylo reaching out to Rey? Is Luke not ready to train Rey? What’s with that space Band-Aid that Kylo’s...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 129: A New Hope in Concert and Forces of Destiny

Next week, the floodgates will open and we will have an amazing new trailer to talk about, but this week we’ve got some pretty great stuff, too! Forces of Destiny has returned with 3 (so far) new episodes featuring Ahsoka, Sabine, and Rey, From A Certain Point of View is...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 128: Things to Come

With a break in news for a while, we look forward to what’s in store for us in terms of Star Wars Rebels, Forces of Destiny, Han Solo, and of course The Last Jedi. Plus: This new Science and Star Wars show on Facebook is pretty great!


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Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 127: Return of the JJ

With JJ Abrams returning to the Lucasfilm family, we’re in for a blockbuster of an Episode IX. We know he’s capable of making Disney big box office returns, but what kind of story is JJ going to deliver? Will it be a rehash of RotJ? Will it continue the tone...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 126: Snoke and Toys

A light news week isn’t always a bad thing. We take the time this week to talk about some of the smaller, more interesting stories of the last seven days. From Snoke’s nasty face to Rex’s camouflaged hair, we cover all the bases this week!


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Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 125: Trevorrow, Rebels, and our first big winner!

This week:

Colin Trevorrow stepped down from directing Episode IX,

Gorgeous new stamps from the Royal Mail,

Star Wars Rebels season 4,

Paul Bettany going Solo,

and our first big $20 gift card drawing!

Wow, that’s a lot. We talk about all this and more on the latest Radio Free Tatooine!

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Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 124: Porgies and Ben

The talk of the town this week is the Old Ben standalone film. We chat about what we might see if this comes to fruition as well as how likely this actually is to happen. Also, a lot of news this week about upcoming The Last Jedi toys. From chirping...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 123: Red Pants for Chewie

With the recent release of the new Entertainment Weekly and the accompanying videos by Anthony Breznican this week, we’ve got no shortage of Star Wars goodies to talk about. We also discuss some news about one Starkiller and some tasty info about the upcoming The Last Jedi action figures. (Hint:...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 122: Streaming Stars

Amy’s recording right in Echo Basement this week as she’s visiting for a few days. We talk about the week’s news and dream of a world where all Star Wars content is available for streaming…

Speaking of which, Disney announced plans to withdraw content from Netflix and Rex got mixed up...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 121: Composing Solo

Sean’s back this week and there’s some Han Solo news to talk about! We discuss the new composer, some interviews with cast members, and a new team takes control of the Star Wars comic.

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Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 120: Behind the Scenes with the Porgs

Sean’s out this week, but John and Amy deliver a show all about the Behind the Scenes trailer and SDCC. There is talk of porg.

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Radio Free REPEAT - Episode 35: Goosebump Moments

This week’s show dusts off one of our old favorites from the archives. In it, we talk about the best moments from the saga- the moments that gave us all goosebumps. At the time, TFA and Rogue One were yet to release, so keep that in mind as you listen...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 119: Forces of Destiny and more!

Now that Forces of Destiny’s initial 8-episode run has ended, we look back on it and talk about what notes it hit for us. It’s gotten people talking about what they want out of Lucasfilm Animation and we throw our two galactic credits in. Love it? Hate it? Doesn’t matter,...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 118: OMG WHAT IS THIS HAN SOLO FILM EVEN DOING?

We ask the question.

With all the crazy reports we’ve been getting about the Han Solo film, we step back to  take a look at just what is really going on with this movie.

Plus: Looking for Leia is funded! Big thanks to all the fans who backed this amazing project on...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 117: Annalise Ophelian

We’re joined by the wonderful Annalise Ophelian this week to talk about her film project Looking For Leia. It’s on Kickstarter now and it’s closing soon, like Friday soon! Don’t miss your chance to be part of this incredible project! We also talk about the current state of female...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 116: Catrina Dennis and Doc Scott are now Tatooiners!

We’re joined by two of the newest members of the Radio Free Tatooine family this week: Catrina Dennis and Doc Scott. Catrina is reviving her popular Star Wars comics podcast, Comics in the Cantina, but now it’s 100% more Radio Free Tatooinier! Doc is bringing us Wraith...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 115: Stolen Toys and Sonnets

This week, we talk about the tragedy that has hit Rancho Obi-Wan in the form of $200,000 worth of missing Star Wars memorabilia. It truly is a rotten thing to hear about. If you have any tips at all as to the whereabouts of any of this stuff, email Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 114: Zuzzuvio

As part of a gift ebook to RFT’s pal Heath Williams, Sean wrote a short story about Constable Zuvio, which was pretty awful. He reads it this episode anyway. Plus, we look at some recent TMZ set photos from the upcoming Han solo film, some exciting upcoming Star Wars comic...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 113: On Why No One Names Their Kid Lobot

We look at the latest news including the Social Security Administration’s bizarre findings regarding popular Star Wars names, speculate on what hackers have stolen from Disney, and cover the upcoming Looking for Leia documentary. Plus: in Tabletop, Jim brings us some newly announced Rebels characters and other surprises!

Here’s a link...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 112: Of Toys & Rumors


That’s all we got this week, folks. Toys & Rumors. There may be mild spoilers for The Last Jedi in here, but they’re pretty tame. We look at the Fan Figure Vote winner as well as the leaked list of Black Series figures headed to a...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 111: Top 40 of the Last 40

It’s almost May the 4th and we’re celebrating by giving you, our listeners, a chance to win an Amazon gift card to buy yourself some swanky new Star Wars stuff! In addition, we’ve picked our 40 favorite moments from the last 40 years. With 9 theatrical releases and over 8...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 110: Lost in Translation(s)

We take a look this week at some recent comments from Kathleen Kennedy regarding the future of Star Wars Stories. Word of warning: they got translated to Spanish and back to English and they’re really hard to read. No one gave Sean that word of warning and it’s probably the...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 109: The Mostly-Casual Post-Con Airport Episode!

After a weekend of panels and much celebrationing, Sean delivers a special post-con episode from Dallas Forth Worth airport with the assistance of his wife Angela, a very (admittedly) casual Star Wars fan. We talk about the panels, the trailers, and the good times we had at our second Star...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 108: T'was the night before Celebration...

Good Morning America promises an “unmissable” announcement tomorrow. We discuss what this could be as well as the recent rumor that Carrie Fisher may be in Episode IX when all’s said and done. Plus, Amy’s SWCO travel guide is (actually) unmissable! Then we’re off to SWCO!

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Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 107: Celebration Orlando preview

With Celebration Orlando 2017 being only two weeks away, the gang gets serious about planning their activities. Except John, who’s planning on staying in a cubicle while Sean and Amy have a ball. We go over what panels are must-see and pick a few of our favorite oddball choices. Plus...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 106: Zero Hour and 15 years of Star Wars Stories

The only news worth spending time on this week is the speech Bob Iger gave in Santa Monica regarding the future of Star Wars, Carrie Fisher, and Han Solo getting his name. We cover all that as well as Star Wars Rebels’ season finale double-episode, Zero Hour.

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Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 105: Maul Rats

There’s nothing we want to talk about this week that isn’t Darth Maul. Twin Suns saw the iconic baddie’s return to Star Wars Rebels and there’s just too much to unpack for us to tackle anything else. Plus, we love the guy!

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Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 104: Imperial Hallways

The wackiest episode of Star Wars Rebels yet has us taking a good hard look at song in the GFFA. It’s always a gamble making a musical episode and while this isn’t per se a musical episode, it’s the first time a main character has sung. Does it work? We...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 103: The One About Hayden Aldenreich

Omar comin’, yo!

We got the word that Michael K. Williams is joining the new Han Solo film and we couldn’t be more stoked! And speaking of the new Han Solo film, John CANNOT say Alden Ehrenreich’s name and it’s pretty fantastic to hear. We talk about that, the renewal of...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 102: Thrawn Worketh Out

Bare knuckle boxing assassin droids? HARD. CORE. The latest episode of Star Wars Rebels frames Grand Admiral Thrawn as a bit of a fitness buff. We talk about that as well as our favorite new R2-D2 dub video, and look at the (lack of) bonus content on the Rogue One...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 101: The Notorious J.A.R.

Not only did we get back into Star Wars Rebels this week, we also got a slew of news!  We got plenty of toy news out of Toy Fair, some news on the publishing front, and bits and pieces pertaining to The Last Jedi.  Plus, check out Josh Gad’s brilliant Daisy...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 100: Not a Hundredth Episode Special

After breaking from format last week to record our Turkish Star Wars commentary track, we’re back and we’ve got two weeks worth of news to discuss!  We got word of a new comic series featuring a team-up of Luke Skywalker and Dr. Aphra, Some fun new casting for the Han...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 99: Our Big Fat Turkish Star Wars Commentary Track

It’s finally here.  Our Big Fat Turkish Star Wars Commentary Track.  The year is 1982.  Someone in Turkey has a string of terrible ideas.  The result: Dünyayı Kurtaran Adam, colloquially referred to as Turkish Star Wars.  It’s one of the worst things ever put to film, but that makes it one of...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 98: Red Cup Rising

Short episode this week as we prepare for Our Big Fat Turkish Star Wars show.  We did get a bit of news though, so we chat a little about the Han Solo film and a couple new upcoming books.  Also in this episode we welcome our new segment: The Table,...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 97: Space Warriors: Luke Jedi

With the recent announcement of the Episode VIII title, we have to finally admit that it won’t be called Space Warriors: Luke Jedi.  We talk about the title and what it could mean, as well as Timothy Zahn’s upcoming Thrawn novel, but really delve more into Sabine’s character-driven Rebels episode...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 96: Woody and Han are a GO!

As is often the case, the juicy rumor we reported last week was confirmed by the time most of you listened to the episode.  But we’re not sore, we’re just glad Woody Harrelson’s joining the galaxy far, far away!  We talk this week about the strange situation Lucasfilm finds itself...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 95: Saw of the Bugmen

With Star Wars Rebels giving us a two part story this week, we’re at no loss for talking points.  We discuss Saw Gerrera and what else we can expect from this season of Star Wars Rebels.  Plus, who is that Geonosian really?  Is he part of a bigger, buggier story?...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 94: To us, she's royalty.

With the recent passing of Carrie Fisher, we decided to postpone any further Rogue One talk until next week.  Instead, we thought it best to spend some time telling stories about Carrie, one of our favorite ladies.  While none of us knew her personally, she was an influential figure in...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 93: Rogue One Breakdown: Part 1 (SPOILERS)



Helping us break down Rogue One: A Star Wars Story this week are Mark Newbold of Jedi News and Saf Davidson of pretty much everywhere else.  We talk about pivotal moments in the film, how it affects the rest of the saga, and of...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 92: The Conference Room Where It Happened

Rogue One opens in TWO DAYS!  We talk about possible connections between Rogue One and Star Wars Rebels, reactions from the premiere, and The Death Star Conference Room scene from A New Hope.  Plus, the review of the final episode of Star Wars Rebels in 2016: Visions & Voices.

...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 91: Yes but can you comment on Rogue Two?

The headlines are, quite rightfully, dominated by Rogue One this week, with a press junket, a behind-the-scenes video, and a 28-minute screening at Skywalker Ranch.  We talk about what stood out to us and also announce some exciting news: We’re on Patreon!  Now you can listen to the show...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 90: Wilhuff If You're Nasty

Rogue One tickets are now available!  We talk about the mad rush to get tickets (or lack thereof), Daenerys Stormborn, and of course The Grand Moff Himself: Tarkin.  Plus, catch a double dose of Star Wars Rebels as we tackle both Iron Squadron and Wynkahthu Job this...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 89: Don Juan Kenobi

After going to a symphony that centered around Richard Strauss as well as John Williams, Sean shares what he’s learned about the two composers, and check out his interview with Anne Harrigan, music director of the Battle Creek Symphony Orchestra!  Plus: the week’s news, and we introduce the newest...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 88: James Bond with a Jetpack

While Rogue One continues to dominate the headlines, Star Wars Rebels is giving us a look at Mandalore and Concord Dawn, one of the pockets of the galaxy that has the most story potential for fans hungry for details on one of the most beloved worlds of the Legends universe....Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 87: Four Years Later

Four years have passed since Disney acquired Lucasfilm, so what have they accomplished?  Did Star Wars ever really get Disney-fied?  Was it wise to pull the plug on as many projects as they did or did it hurt continuity?  We talk about all this as well as all the week’s...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 86: Childish Gamblerino

With the news that broke this week how could we not have an episode devoted to Lando Calrissian?  Our favorite caped entrepreneur returns to the silver screen as Donald Glover takes the role of a lifetime!  Also, Did you see the latest episode of Star Wars The Clone Wa- I...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 85: Don't say it, Bodhi. Don't you say it.

I know we keep telling you this, but Rogue One is seriously ramping up.  New posters, digital cards, and of course: THE NEW TRAILER.  We talk about our high points and low points in it, how amazing Director Krennic is, and the latest Star Wars Rebels in which Thrawn really...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 84: In which Sean unjustly attacks Governor Pryce

Rogue One is fast approaching and we’re expecting the full theatrical trailer in the VERY near future.  We talk about what to expect and how we feel about the (likely) PG-13 rating.  Then we look at Rebels and the new episode: The Antilles Extraction and Sean learns what his own implicit...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 83: Plated Giant Space Goats

Rogue Friday has come and gone and Sean made out like a bandit!  We talk about the experience at his local Toys R Us as well as the fascinating new episode of Star Wars Rebels.  We make some WILD speculations, but that’s really what we’re best at, right?

...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 82: A Game of Thrawns

Radio Free Tatooine is back and we’re better than ever!  This episode: The Man in the Hat gets a new Hat, a Rogue Friday Rundown, Jyn Mummy, The Downfall of Uprising, Pop! Go the Rebels, and our take on Star Wars Rebels: Steps into Shadows.

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Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 81: New Beginnings with John Jackson Miller

After taking most of the summer off, Radio Free Tatooine is finally ready to relaunch our award-winning show!  We kick things off with an interview Amy did with best-selling author John Jackson Miller where they talk about new beginnings for Kanan and Ben Kenobi as well as Soviet Commodities!

...Read More »

Episode 80: The Trial of Ahsoka Tano


Spoilers for The Clone Wars Season 5 are pretty much everywhere in this episode.  If you have not finished season 5 of The Clone Wars, thank you for coming here, but you should probably wait to listen to this until after you’ve watched it.  That said, let’s...Read More »

Episode 79: Judge This Episode By Its Size, Do You?

We have a Han! We talk about Disney’s latest Star Wars casting as well as the May 4th announcement of Celebration Orlando in our new mini-sode, with the shortest RFT runtime EVER. Seriously. You could listen on a bathroom break.

...Read More »

Episode 78: The Duchess

After a one-week hiatus, we’re back and boy are we ready to talk about Star Wars! This week’s episode is all about the Duchess of Mandalore, Satine Kryze. Who is she and how does her story effect the saga as a whole? Find out in this in-depth look at one...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 77: That Red Arm...

We had a slow news week, but we more than make up for it in tangents!  See where C-3PO’s red arm takes us in this meandering new episode of Radio Free Tatooine!

...Read More »

Episode 76: Worst. Vacation. Ever.

This week: Rogue One and other, less interesting things.

We talk about our impressions of The Force Awakens Blu-ray release, Poe Dameron’s new comic, Chuck Wendig’s upcoming sequel to Aftermath, and as much Rogue One as we can handle!

Stay in touch between shows by liking us on Facebook and following...Read More »

Episode 75: Flight of the Convors

This week: Ahsoka… lives?, Sean sings about Star Wars (again), and Poe Dameron hits your comic shop! Also- we have a winner! Tune in to find out who walked away with 1st place (and a jawa-worthy trophy) in our Star Wars Podcast Invitational 2016! Spoiler alert: It wasn’t us.

...Read More »

Episode 74: This Is Our Excited Face

Rebels gave us sand spiders and our Podcast Invitational bracket gave us fits, but this week, we’re giving you a great new episode full of Secret Service Stormtroopers, Colt .45, and baby deer?  Radio Free Tatooine starts now!

...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine - Episode 73: We Kinda Like That New Droid

After watching the new episode of Star Wars Rebels, The Forgotten Droid, we take several detours, but eventually arrive at the conclusion that AP-5 is a good thing.  Also: our Star Wars Podcast Invitational bracket is broken and there’s no fixing it.

...Read More »

Episode 72: We're Back, Boyo!

Happy birthday Amy!  We celebrate Amy’s birthday by giving her (most of) the night off.  With This is Madness! now active on, we finally get to compare our brackets with our competitors in the Star Wars Podcast Invitational 2016.  Will Full of Sith muscle us out of first place...Read More »

Episode 71: Gandalf is Snoke

This is Madness! is back and we couldn’t be happier! To celebrate, we’ve brought back the Star Wars Podcast Invitational with a new twist: Now YOU can win it! For our 2nd annual contest, we’re running two competitions, one for other podcasts and one for the fans! Also this week,...Read More »

Episode 70: Giving Zeb Pause

A slow news week means we get to spend a lot more time talking about Star Wars Rebels and begging people to vote for us in the Star Wars Podcast Awards!

...Read More »

Lekku, Lekku Everywhere!

It’s John’s birthday and he’s celebrating by brownin’ meat and talkin’ Wars!  Episode VIII shifts into the spotlight this week and we look at what locations we want to see in future installments of the sequel trilogy.  Also, there is much talk of Ryloth as we discuss the fantastic “Homecoming” episode...Read More »

Episode 68: Catrina and the Space Whales

Episode VIII starts filming, Ezra’s riding space whales, and Dr. Ellie Sattler joins the Star Wars family.  It’s been an excellent week and Catrina Dennis joins us to talk about it!

...Read More »

Episode 67: 4M Strikes Back!

Star Wars: Shadow Quarry is back! After an extended holiday, the hit audio drama that brought the world droid slippers and bothan years returns with episode 2, the second in a three-episode arc. Also this week, the mystery of BoShek, Eunice and her stormtanker, and the Star Wars...Read More »

Episode 66: The BANTHA Awards

It’s awards season and we’re celebrating in style with the BANTHA awards!  Every entry in every category is pulled from a Star Wars movie, so Star Wars can’t lose!  We announce all our winners tonight as well as recap the new episode of Rebels: Protectors of Concord Dawn.

...Read More »

Episode 65: Royalty on Rebels

Episode VIII is headed to December, Royalty on Rebels, and Amy teaches some younglings about the ways of the Force (and the ways of the Pathetic Wookiee).  All this and more in this week’s episode of Radio Free Tatooine!

...Read More »

Episode 64: Midseason Melee

Kylo Ren in sketch comedy, Poe in his own new comic, and an incredible amount of awesome in that new Star Wars Rebels trailer! We break it all down for you with our special guest from, Justin Bolger.

Thanks for listening! If you like what you hear, please...Read More »

Episode 63: Bantha Nominations

Han and Leia dominate the news this week as Leia joins the cast of Star Wars Rebels and young Han Solo is inching closer and closer to being cast.  We also talk a bit about John Boyega and how Finn fits into the greater picture of the new Star Wars...Read More »

Episode 62: Of Spoilers and TR-8Rs with Amanda Ward

THERE BE SPOILERS HERE (for The Force Awakens)

There’s just so much awesome this week! We talk about our new favorite trooper and our new favorite song, then we talk to‘s very own Amanda Ward about spoilers and so much more!

Thanks for listening! If you like what...Read More »

Episode 61: The Force Awakens Second Show (with spoilers)


Week two of The Force Awakens discussion finds us focusing on Maz Kanata, the big lightsaber fight, and haters. We also touch on TFA’s box office dominance and Blu-ray release date as well as have some fun with an Oscar Isaac singalong!

Thanks for listening! If you like...Read More »

Episode 60: The Force Awakens Super Show


Seriously, if you don’t want The Force Awakens spoilers, this isn’t the episode you’re looking for. Move along.

We talk all about our favorite moments from The Force Awakens, who the best new characters are, what we expect moving into episodes VIII & IX, and so very much...Read More »

Episode 59: Our Red Carpet Experience

Our red carpet experience with The Force Awakens is ready for you just in time for the worldwide release of the film! We may not have been anywhere near LA, but we celebrate with style in this episode. We talk about Carrie Fisher’s s*** show, Our spoiler protection plans, the...Read More »

Episode 58: Now with Potpourri!

There is so much The Force Awakens hype out there right now and we’re adding more to the pile! We talk about Star Wars virtual reality, pick some of the week’s PR highlights, and cover Star Wars Rebels: The Future of the Force.

...Read More »

Episode 57: Lost Stars & Garters

We finally tackle the book that everyone else tackled nearly three months ago: Lost Stars by Claudia Grey. We’re joined this week by Mike Audette. YA Literature, Rebels, Galaxy of Heroes and more in this episode of Radio Free Tatooine!

...Read More »

Episode 56: Everplaid

The Force Awakens is complete! As we coast through the home stretch toward Dec 18th, the trailer count reaches 9, the AMAs give us an actual scene, and George Lucas tells us he’s sick of getting ripped on. Plus, Google and Verizon have some potentially awesome plans for December!

Thanks for...Read More »

Episode 55: That's the Awakening, Brother!

We’re in the home stretch now and and we’re drowning in TV ads, coffee creamers, and -cat games? We break down Star Wars Rebels – Wings of the Master and talk about our iPhone cats in this purr-fect episode!

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Episode 54: Cham's Jam

J.J. told us no more trailers, but we are NOT complaining that we got two this week. We break down the Japanese trailer as well as the new television commercial, look at this week’s episode of Rebels: Brothers of the Broken Horn, salute Daniel Fleetwood and more in this episode...Read More »

Episode 53: Hamster Rollin' with Michael Erwin

Halloween has come and gone and we’re back to tell you about our spooky experiences. Then later, we welcome BB-8 builder Michael Erwin to talk about how those droids work and how you can build one, too! Finally, we cover the third episode of Star Wars Rebels Season Two:...Read More »

Episode 52: Anniversoween!

One year has passed and Radio Free Tatooine is still standing. That’s right, it’s our anniversary. We thank you all so much for listening to us go on and on and on about Star Wars for 52 episodes! We talk this week about the new episode of Rebels: Relics...Read More »

Episode 51: Jango Jeans - Trailer talk with Johnamarie & Saf

We’re joined by Johnamarie Macias and Saf totally about A) tickets, B) Rebels, and C) THE NEW THE FORCE AWAKENS TRAILER!!!!! Listen to us geek out over our favorite moments.

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Episode 50: NYCC and Rebels Season 2

New York Comic Con has wrapped and we’re all going to miss it so much- wait… we didn’t go.  But that can’t keep us from talking about all the fun news that came out of the Rebels panel!  We react to the new trailer we got for season 2 as...Read More »

Episode 49: We Did A Thing!

After months of preparation and production, Star Wars Shadow Quarry has finally arrived! Join Sean and John as we discuss Sarah Michelle Gellar’s new role, the going rate for a gold bikini, Rey Skywalker, and our awesome new audio drama!

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Episode 48: Breaking (Broken?) News

A lot of announcements this week as we’ve got a ridiculous amount of books coming our way, another release of the soundtracks, some killer new animated comics, a new frontier of VR, and the long-awaited premiere of Star Wars: Shadow Quarry gets a release date!

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Episode 47: John Makes Fan Art

John made a pretty picture on his phone this week, so we’re letting him have the show art. Amy’s still out of the country and on holiday, so it’s up to Sean & John to bring you the news and rumors this week. We discuss Art Awakens (John...Read More »

Episode 46: Dork Disciples

Sean FINALLY finished Dark Disciple and we can now talk about it! Join us for a spoiler-filled discussion of the book, plus a little BB-8 talk, LEGO Star Wars trailers, Episode VIII weather woes, and we finally get a good Star Wars mobile game!

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Episode 45: Toy Hunters

Force Friday haul!  We start a couple new things this week with Toy Hunter Chronicles and 100 Days of Star Wars. Plus, The Red Arm Diaries, Aftermath, the Music of The Force Awakens, and SPHERO’s NEW BB-8!!!

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Episode 44: A Force Friday Gameplan

Not only do we get a ton of cool new toys this week, but we got a bunch of new videos as well!  We break down all the latest Star Wars videos (that are still online): Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, Star Wars Rebels – Season 2, and...Read More »

Episode 43: CGI Slippers? REALLY!?

Rumors are everywhere these days! Fortunately, we’re here to help spread the ones we like and kill the rest. Amy’s out this week, but we still cover a lot of ground with Force Friday leaks, the new Empire exclusive, and Drew Struzan’s take on The Force Awakens.

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Episode 42: What The Mouse Gave Us

This week hit hard.  Disney didn’t pull any punches at D23.  We got news on Rogue One, The Force Awakens, Battlefront, even Episode IX!  Plus, did you know we’re on now?  We break down all the news that matters most and talk about how we feel about The...Read More »

Episode 41: Leek Week

It’s the week of leeks!  Or was it the weak of leaks?…

There were a LOT of different leaked images floating around the web this week and we’re here to describe them all to you in stunning 4k resolution!  The Force Awakens merchandise has been seen!  And sold!  Does it live...Read More »

Episode 40: Is Simon So Wrong?

Simon Pegg is in the news again.  For prequel bashing.  Again.  We talk about what it means when someone who’s involved in creating a franchise criticizes that very franchise and whether or not that’s a healthy thing.  Plus, Walmart creates Champions and Star Wars may be hitting Netflix.

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Episode 39: Empty Pegs

In this episode, we talk about all the empty pegs in the Star Wars aisle and what’s going to be filling them soon, chat a bit of casting for Rogue One and for Episode VIII, and we join the Trade Federation Podcast to talk Star Wars Card Trader.

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Episode 38: It's... pretty inappropriate.


This week’s show is all about controversy. From Chuck Wendig’s tense to Carrie Fisher’s journal to local news making a galactic reach for a story, this one’s got some chutzpah! Plus, we’re joined by Teresa Delgado to talk through this whole Amy Schumer debacle. It’s our raciest episode ever...Read More »

Episode 37: San Diego Comic Con

In this episode, your hosts break down all the Star Wars: The Force Awakens goings on from San Diego Comic Con. We’re talking Behind The Scenes Reel, Hasbro panel, and more! Also, we announce the winner of our “Be an Imperial Admiral in Star Wars: Shadow Quarry” contest and announce...Read More »

Episode 36: Introducing... Shadow Quarry!

In this episode, we cover a few news bits and rumors, but we’re most excited about our big announcement!  We here at Radio Free Tatooine are proud to announce Star Wars: Shadow Quarry, a Star Wars audio drama that’s better than some, worse than others…  We’re writing and producing our...Read More »

Episode 35: Goosebump Moments

In this episode, we take a look at the moments of the Star Wars saga that make us lose our breath.  Whether it’s a perfect Han Solo line, a terrifying revelation, or just an amazing spectacle, we cover all the most emotional scenes of the Star Wars Saga in this...Read More »

BONUS: Radio Free Roundtable

Our recent guest appearance on TheForcecast Network’s Rebels Roundtable with Spencer Brinkerhoff III, featuring review, analysis and speculation regarding Star Wars Rebels: The Siege of Lothal!
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Episode 34: Building a Rapport with the Report

This is the week for all things Rebels!  We dust off the music for Rebels Yell and welcome Rebels Report‘s own Andy Ury on to talk about The Siege of Lothal, the kickstart to Star Wars Rebels season 2!  Sean survives a tornado by podcasting, Jake...Read More »

Episode 33: Dooku

A legend remembered. Sir Christopher Lee was an inspiring figure and we honor his passing and celebrate his life. Also, talk of more Rogues joining the cast of Rogue One, SDCC expectations, and John interviews Sean & Amy about Rebels season 2!

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Episode 32: Weekend at Sheev's

In this episode, we tackle the hot-button issue of Threepio’s red arm. More importantly though, we discuss Marvel’s Star Wars and how the first arc Skywalker Strikes! ended and what it meant to us. Also: Trank tells his side and Billie Lourde says something about nothing again.

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Episode 31: Say My Name

Their triumphant return sees ours heroes doing battle with eBay over a six-inch action figure, connecting dots between Rogues and Rebels, and talking to the one and only Teresa Delgado about leggings, sweaters, and 80’s album covers. Lost as ever in tangents, they find themselves in search...Read More »

Episode 30: Star Wars Ring Theory with Mike Klimo

This week brought us very little news, so we’re bringing you very much show! We touch on a couple new releases: The Phantom of Menace, the June issue of Vanity Fair, and Madam Tussauds’ Star Wars Exhibit and then get VERY into ring composition and chiasmus with...Read More »

Episode 29: Mortis (or Lestis)

In this installment, we tackle some of the deepest stuff we’ve ever approached.  Bold statement for a show whose last episode was titled “Phasma Butter & Jelly,” right?  We’re rewinding a bit to discuss The Clone Wars Mortis arc in RFT style- which is mostly disjunct meanderings about the...Read More »

Episode 28: Phasma Butter & Jelly

With so many new photos to talk about from Annie Leibovitz’s Vanity Fair shoot, it’s a good thing Sean’s internet cut at the end out or we’d have talked all night!  Also, we look at Disney Infinity 3.0, Josh Trank’s recent evac, and when we can expect to see some...Read More »

Episode 27: Some Trailers. Mostly Trailers. Almost Entirely Trailers.

Trailers galore! Since Celebration Anaheim gave us four trailers last week, we spend this show mostly analyzing them now that we have John back.

Is there or isn’t there a casting call for Rogue One? Lords of the Sith drops TODAY. Are you ready? And of course, more Read More »

Episode 26: CELEBRATION!!!

Radio Free Tatooine gets wild for Star Wars Celebration Anaheim!  We sat down in our hotel lobby and chatted about all the amazing things we’ve seen over the past four days.  Trailers, demos, cosplay, screenings, panels, parties and more in the first episode we’ve ever recorded together in person.  We’ll...Read More »

Episode 25: Catrina Dennis, or Get to the C1-10PPER!

It’s the week of Celebration and we couldn’t be more excited! In this episode, we chat with Catrina Dennis of Movie Pilot News and Mos Eisley Comic Port about the upcoming convention, her new show, and Marvel’s Star Wars comics. We’re joined later by Amy who has...Read More »

Episode 24: We're DONE with the Greedo Fish!

The Star Wars Saga finally goes digital!  The news drops in the middle of our episode, so we steered this old freighter to the real scoop this week.  Also, we talk about what KK and JJ are really up to at Celebration, Greg Weisman’s fantastic new Kanan comic, look at...Read More »

Episode 23: Two Daisy Ridleys in a Trench Coat

Jar Jar advances?!?

There’s a lot to talk about this week as we learn that Saga Legends are no more, Armada storms into your FLGS, The Big Bang Theory goes all Fanboy, and we plan our week for Celebration Anaheim.  All that and your update on the Inaugural Star Wars Podcast...Read More »

Episode 22: We Hired an Ithorian

Rebels at Celebration!  This week, we talk about what’s going down on Rebels Day at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim.  We also cover a bit of news regarding Aftermath, Oscar Isaac in Episode VIII, and a rival Rogue film.  We meander through a several tangents such as R2’s flight ability, the...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine: Episode 21

Rogue What?  We get a title for Gareth Edwards’ standalone film and discuss what Rogue One could be about.  Then we look at some of the new book information that has come to light this week.  There was definitely something fishy going on with the online voting for This Is...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine: Episode 20

We are joined this week by none other than Mark Newbold of Jedi News,, Star Wars Insider, Radio 1138, etc but as we learn, just a Star Wars geek.  We discuss a bit of news concerning Harrison Ford and a busted fuselage, a flood of...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine: Episode 19

Amy is back!  And she brought an ewok with her.  In this episode, we welcome Amy back to the show with her little Bruno.  We are also joined by John’s brother Joe, of Days of Future Podcast to talk about the season finale of Star Wars Rebels, and season...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine: Episode 18

Last Tuesday, you may have sensed a disturbance in the Force.  That’s because Amy’s baby, Bruno, finally arrived!  We give an update on the status of our missing cohost, talk about the penultimate episode of the first season of Star Wars Rebels, stand firm against spoilers, and indulge in many,...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine: Episode 17

A slew of Star Wars Celebration announcements get us geeked for April!  Amy is sidelined again as Kylo -I mean Bruno- almost makes it out during the recording!  We also talk iSabers, Mark Hamill on Schome other podcast, TFNY 2015, and go over possibilities for This is Madness! 2015.  We...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine: Episode 16

Amy sits this one out as The Baby Awakens.  This week brings us news of Star Wars on the museum circuit!  Also: rumors about rebels cameos, spin-off leads, and changing release dates.  Train on Rebels means Sean has a lot of fancying to do, and the big dumb spoiler everyone’s...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine: Episode 15

Episode XV


It is a period of snow shoveling.  Rebel podcasters, recording from Echo Basement, have finished their fifteenth episode of Radio Free Tatooine.  We’re talking Rebels.  I mean, we’re REALLY talking Rebels.  Cameos announced, another – longer – season coming, and a brand new episode to stew on....Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine: Episode 14

In this thrilling episode of Radio Free Tatooine, our heroes are joined by fangirl extraordinaire Amy Ratcliffe to talk about her article “7 Topics Star Wars Fans Love To Debate.” SPOILER: We debate them.  Also, we discuss George’s disappearing scripts, Casting rumors for the first Star Wars spin-off film,...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine: Episode 13

We have quite the array of idiots here to discuss Idiot’s Array!  Lando’s back in business this week on Star Wars Rebels and in this podcast.  We talk Star Wars comics and the infamous Star Wars #1 variant chase, speculation about speculation about speculation, and talk with some fans about...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine: Episode 12

Can it be?  Billy Dee on Rebels?  This week we talk about Lando Calrissian on Rebels and the deluge of cameos we’ve seen thus far.  Which ones work?  Which don’t?  Who’s next?  Also, we look at the shakeups of the Spinoff writing team, talk Smugglers Bounty, postulate on a digital release...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine: Episode 11

As 2014 closes and 2015 begins, we take a look at some of the “news” we’ve seen recently, including casting rumors, Spin-off details, and production art leaks.  Plus, Star Wars Rebels is back and we’ve got a LOT to say about it (as evidenced by the runtime).  Join us for...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine: Episode 10

It’s here! Our Holiday Holiday Special Special!
In this very merry episode, we talk about Disney’s plans for Star Wars theme parks, break down J.J.’s “thank you” video, look forward to Marvel’s big adventure, and dream about being at the Reitman Reading. And you won’t want to miss our Holiday...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine: Episode 9

How long do we get this week?  There’s no way we can fit all this into one show, right?  This was going to be our Holiday Holiday Special Special, but once again, Lucasfilm threw a nice straight fastball down the center of the plate.  We can’t help but knock this...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine: Episode 8

2014 is coming to a close and we’re counting down the days ’til we get to open all our new Star Wars stuff!  John’s out this week, but Sean and Amy run through all the must-have gifts this year and make a vow to do a Holiday Special episode.  A...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine: Episode 7

November 28th, 2014, a day that will live in infamy… to Star Wars fans anyway!  Join Sean, Amy, and John this week as we cover what we know so far about the trailer for The Force Awakens, discuss John Boyega’s handling of a rather ugly portion of fandom, and give our...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine: Episode 6

As the holidays draw near, we’re getting more and more Star Wars content daily.  This week, trailergate – the trials (and failures) of the little cinema house that just couldn’t, we get GIF-ed out of our minds, and we all brace for a deluge of rumors regarding the Star Wars...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine: Episode 5

This week brings us little in the way of news, but much in the way of cheer!  We discuss Empire Day on Life Day, which is odd.  Also- rumors abound about this TFA Trailer.  Hear our takes on it and so much more on this very special Zebisode!

...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine: Episode 4

A title announcement sends our hosts down a path you cannot follow.  Plus we talk wookiee rumors and comic cons.  As always, we deconstruct the latest episode of Star Wars Rebels- Out of Darkness, a pitch-perfect homage to sci-fi horror.  We say Sheev again in this episode.

...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine: Episode 3

This week, we discuss the end of principal photography for Episode VII, chat with director Brad Poer about his upcoming Sampled Shakespeare: Staged Readings, and review another action-packed episode of Star Wars: Rebels – Breaking Rank.  Also, we say Sheev another half dozen times!

...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine: Episode 2

Darth Vader on abc!!!  In the second episode, we scramble to put together a show without Amy, who is off on bedrest and probably worried sick about the stupid things we’ll say with no one to check us!  In this show: We talk Sheev.  Lots of Sheev.  We look at...Read More »

Radio Free Tatooine: Episode 1

In the premiere episode, Sean, John, and Amy discuss Star Wars: Rebels and the general direction of the franchise.  Also in this episode: Ewok Movies!

...Read More »