Wraith Squadron Podcast – Transmission X: Ryan Fisher and The Big Easy Regional

Wraith Squadron Podcast

You have intercepted Transmission X of the Wraith Squadron Podcast, presented by Radio Free Tatooine.

Rookie Pilots Doc Scott and the K’jun Raze square off to bring X-Wing Miniatures content and tutorials to the new X-Wing community.

Another week without the Raze leaves Doc turning to friend and judge Ryan Fisher to discuss the Big Easy Comics and Games X-Wing Regional they were awarded and what Ryan sees coming with the new FAQ, and possibly things we may have missed. It’s an interview worthy of a listen. Thanks for joining us at Wraith Squadron Central!

PS: there was a tiny recording flaw at the very end where the vocals did not save on the outro.

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Twitter: @WraithSquadPC

Timestamps: (0:00) Introduction, (2:24) Ryan Fisher

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